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MainbarOnline is a commentary and insights, news reviews, and trends and updates blog that provides readers a verifiable, timely, and factual information.

While it lives by its watchword “raising the bar of alternative journalism”, which defines its crusade against “fake news” or disinformation, MainbarOnline also aims at delivering information and delving into issues of interest in a perspective and confinement outside the traditional scope of both commercial and plain journalism.

Relevant and related to some authoritative sources that define “alternative journalism” exhaustively in substance and in its epistemology as a work produced or ran by someone without a professional qualification and training as a journalist, MainbarOnline prides itself to deliver the same context that is in the spotlight of the watchword it lives by.



MainbarOnline operates its journalism perspective in the context of its content validity, responsibility, and accountability.

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Meet the Blogger

Regel Javines

MainbarOnline is solely maintained and ran by a textbook editor by practice with a business education background, Regel Javines. He is a former Stringer for Allvoices and political opinion contributor for Yahoo!. So far, he has MBA units and writes professional insights on business and marketing management and bold commentaries on issues of interest.

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