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About MBO

MBO | MainbarOnline – Insights. News. Trends. It provides readers a verifiable source and factual analysis on issue of interest.MBO | MainbarOnline is an insight and commentary, news, and trends. It also dabbles in US and Philippine politics, business, and content development solutions. It provides readers insights or alternative views and perspectives based on factual analysis on issues of interest. In keeping readers abreast of current issues and events, MBO, also, delivers breaking news and news reviews from various authoritative and verifiable sources. As well as in keeping MBO relevant and responsive to its wide array of readers, it timely publishes trends and updates in different branches of knowledge from credible sources or experts.

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Part of the bigger goal of building an authoritative, credible, and professional presence online, MBO offers services mainly in content solutions and website content management. To know more about the freelance services, please contact us here.

Brief History of MBO
MBO was created and launched on July 20, 2016, as a free WordPress.com site. It published its maiden post entitled “Why The Hague Ruling on China-Philippines Dispute Defective?”. In gearing the goal towards making the stand on this post be viewed in different perspectives founded on factual analysis, some articles from the defunct Philippine Review blog are being retrieved and republishedIn republishing these retrieved articles on this website, the original date and time were restored.

Philippine Review is the deactivated blog of the same author, Regel Javines. The blog went online from August 17, 2011, to the last quarter of 2014. On November 22, 2016, MBO or MainbarOnline was upgraded to premium WordPress.com site. This initiative paved the way to monetize MBO, though limited.

On July 7, 2017, MBO was updated to become a self-hosted WordPress website. As a self-hosted website, the powerhouse of maintaining the overall security of the website including tweaking of codes and personalizing it lies in the dirty hands of the author/owner of the website.

Journalistic Philosophy and Principle
MBO conducts its journalistic philosophy and principle in the context of content validity, responsibility, and accountability. To know more about MBO’s conduct please go directly here.

For feedback, concerns about MBO and other issues of interest, stories worth telling, or for a freelance job please refer to the Contact page. Let’s talk about business.

About the Author

Regel Javines is the author and editor of MBO | MainbarOnline.

A former editor in various Philippine textbook publishing companies from 2009 to 2016; former stringer for Allvoices and political opinion contributor for Yahoo! Contributor Network both from 2011 to 2012, Regel Javines, the author and editor of MBO | MainbarOnline started blogging in 2011. He also went into freelance textbook editing and ghostwriting in 2010. While working as a full-time editor, he enrolled in a master’s degree and earned some units in MBA with a specialization in Marketing Management from PUP Graduate School.

A Brief Understatement of the Author’s Life
REGEL JAVINES graduated consistent valedictorian in elementary and high school. He took three (3) years off after graduating from high school before attending college. While working full-time, he decided to try a different, uncomfortable zone of a student life. He gained admission to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Taguig Campus (PUP) after passing the college entrance examination or PUPCET.

As a freshman, he took the qualifying editorial exams of the official student publication (branded as the “breeding ground for student activism during that time) and passed. Despite having a part-time job while being a full-time student, a campus journalist, and eventually an editor-in-chief of the publication, he finished his bachelor’s degree on-time. • MBO | MainbarOnline

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About the Author

Regel Javines is the author and editor of MBO | MainbarOnline—an insight, news, and trends blog that provides verifiable sources and a factual analysis on issues of interest.

With MBA units specializing Marketing Management from PUP Graduate School; a former stringer for Allvoices and political opinion contributor for Yahoo! Contributor Network. He has been a freelance textbook editor and writer since 2010. He is also a former textbook editor in several Philippine textbook publishing companies; passionate about politics though apolitical. For feedback, concerns, or stories worth telling send it to: rqjavines@protonmail.com  [More…]

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