#ASEAN2017: Sass Sasot Confronts BBC Reporter, Improper?

#ASEAN2017 Sass Sasot confronts BBC reporter: What Makes Sass Sasot improper?
Young Sass Rogando Sasot spoke about transgender equality before the United Nations assembly in December 2009. (Screenshot from a video courtesy of Mocha Uson Blog)

#ASEAN2017: Sass Rogando Sasot and BBC reporter

What Makes Sasot Improper?
Notoriety, indeed, has become the new game for those who called themselves “gifted” at least. For a blogger who becomes viral with over millions of likes and set a “record-breaking” followers on social media, that blogger is called major blogger, at least in the level of the vocabulary of understanding of this blogger and columnist by the name of Sass Rogando Sasot, forget about gender equality advocate.

#ASEAN2017, Sass Sasot confronts BBC reporter Jonathan Head, BBC Southeast Asia correspondent, at the International Media Center in WTC during #ASEAN2017 summit, Sass became emotional and cried over the spilled milk on why BBC interviewed a blogger by the name of Jover Laurio, who Sass called her a “very minor blogger in the Philippines“. Sass could not even hold on and furthered by inquiring “why BBC interviewed this Jover Laurio a minor blogger” and has given that privilege. We understand what Sass has pointed out during the confrontation with Jonathan. We know that was all about fairness and objective reportage, which by the way BBC has apparently committed that lapse of editorial judgment.

However, with all that disgrace and I called it a tragedy because that happened when almost all eyes in the world were directed at us. Sass could have stayed classy, cool, and well-mannered despite her unstable emotion during the confrontation. Sass could have done something out of it to teach BBC and the world how Filipinos could stay graceful and intelligent even under a desperate confrontation like that. Sass could have set an example how such respect for gender equality be like such respect for one’s dignity, profession, or hobby.

How could someone like Sass Rogando Sasot discriminate bloggers by calling as such just based on social media engagement and number of followers? How could someone like Sass, who passionately spoke about transgender rights before the United Nations assembly, become uglier than ugly to apparently become disrespectful of the blogging industry by spitting a disgusting nomenclature of bloggers based only on engagement or following?

Sass Rogando Sasot’s words in calling bloggers with a low engagement on social media as such were but ironies. Sass’ insulting remark against a blogger with such low social media profile is a paradox of what transgenders all over the world have been kept on fighting for.

Moreover, Sass, with her insulting words, is a bigot—a scandal of the LGBT’s universal call for respect and equality. There’s no such minor or major blogger in the blogging industry Sass should have known that. This blogging economy, rather, keeps on growing and feeding the society a diversity that bloggers like us could offer. Be it becomes our profession or a simple hobby, who would have thought that someone like Sass Rogando Sasot could afford to discriminate us by the numbers we worked hard on social media?

Despite reasons as rational beings, how do you feel about Sass’ during that event when all eyes of the world are on us? • MBO | MainbarOnline

(Featured Image: A screenshot of a video of Sass Rogando Sasot during the United Nations assembly. Courtesy of Mocha Uson Blog.)

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