#CJSereno Crisis: A Challenge to Tell the Truth

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#CJSereno impeachment crisis: A Challenge to the Chief Justice to Tell the Truth
Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno faces a verified impeachment complaint filed by Atty. Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon. (Photo Credit: Supreme Court of the Philippines)

#CJSereno Impeachment Crisis Is Telling the Truth

When the foundation of a public service enshrined in the 1987 Philippine constitution is undermined by a conspiratorial abuse of power, greed, self-interest, and fancy entitlement, that public service becomes a hazard, an irreparable injustice so to speak.

Chief Justice Sereno: A New Hope of the Return of the Aquinos
In her fresh assumption to the office of the chief justice, the then Justice Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno garnered the best approval rating afforded to a chief justice. She might have earned a respect that time as the “new hope” of the “return of the Aquinos” in the Palace. I admit it. I never looked at her as such, because of some points only I may understand. However, my bold criticism about her never paved my way hard to look at things in the politics with a factual perspective. Rather, events or actions of her paved my way too easy to criticize the Chief Justice on how she administered justice and appreciated each fiber of the laws and reasons when confronted with issues seemed to be against with her interest and inconsistent with the clear wording and intention of the law. For some instances of historic issues that the Supreme Court decided on, Chief Justice Sereno as the hardest as she could debate on Grace Poe’s foundling case and as exhaustive as she could be to give her dissent all possible points and extent of the law and jurisprudence on Marcos hero’s burial case, there I may find her in the wrong end of the rope, and I rest my case on that.

#CJSereno Impeachment Crisis: When Only an Impeachment Verdict Could Tell

Now, there is this Chief Justice Sereno crisis—an impeachment complaint filed against Chief Justice Sereno by Atty. Lorenzo Gadon. While it could be boring to enumerate one by one all accusations that Chief Justice Sereno committed offenses that accordingly fall on these three grounds for impeachment—a culpable violation of the Constitution, corruption, and betrayal of public trust, Chief Justice Sereno in her own volition may take these following unsolicited advice into consideration:

Chief Justice Sereno Should Face It Unsparingly

As Malcom X once said,”I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against,” Chief Justice Sereno, believed to have an unblemished disposition throughout her career be it in academe, corporate, or in government, should confidently and unsparingly face the accusations, which appeared to be as one bold stroke to discredit the Supreme Court’s god of gods and goddesses. This verified complaint that dares to challenge the credibility and competence of the intellectual capacity of a magistrate to dispense justice and to cast doubts on the integrity and probity is worth the merit of appreciation by facing it “no matter who tells it.” For truth, Chief Justice Sereno should face the House of Representatives Committee on Justice in helping the committee out assess the merits of the accusations filed against her with generosity in all possible bunch of evidence the Committee may ask for it and with open arms. It is only by this way that truth comes out.

Impeachment isn’t a regular criminal or administrative proceeding that the respondent of the impeachment verified complaint should seek a complete package of remedies, strategic or tactical, like an accused of a criminal or an administrative offense may render as afforded to by the Constitution. The face of the truth is naked and simple—no circumventions, no techniques, just truth. For in the absence of guilt all is calm, simple, and efficient. However, in the decorations of guilt, all seem to be circumspect, cautious, in sometimes circumvent, and in almost all the time assertive and defensive resorting to imply irrelevant matters or issues just to prove in a bad light the motive in the filing of the case.

Public office is a public trust (Article XI, 1987 Constitution), and public officers who have the gall to deviate from it by any means, magnitude, or degree is already a culpable violation of the Constitution—enough to impeach an impeachable public officer.

Chief Justice Sereno Should Stop Making Publicity and Representation
Instead of appearing before the Committee on Justice as it is the proper forum for the case, why does Chief Justice Sereno prefer to appear on a TV guesting talking unilaterally about her impeachment case? Instead of making herself directly liable to answer all clarifications as respondent of the verified complaint, why does Chief Justice Sereno prefer to hire some top caliber lawyers the country has produced to represent herself in a proceeding that is neither criminal nor administrative in such a probable-cause establishing stage? If there’s no guilt at all, why need a representation? Why make instead the case be finished as fast as it could for the welfare of the country? If there’s no strong evidence at all for the verified complaint to stand proud and tall, why make any horrible rebuts and interrogations that are obviously attempting to weaken the accusations when in fact the case is not yet in a “litigation” proper?

An honest, credible, and competent action doesn’t need a help from a delaying tactic nor from an obfuscatory argumentation. If the verified complaint filed by Atty. Lorenzo Gadon against Chief Justice Sereno is devoid of substantial evidentiary argument and outright empty, Chief Justice Sereno once and for all should appear before the Committee and submit all documents or would be evidence the Committee would likely ask for without ifs and buts or circumvention. Truth has no preference for any conditions at all. It is just as simple as that 5-letter word.

If Chief Justice Sereno believed that she was not guilty of the accusations, she should not hide or take cover from any representation. Her competence as a chief justice could be cheapened by rendering counsels to represent herself in a case that she, herself, convinced that all charges or accusations against her are but malicious and false. Her integrity and probity as a chief justice could be crippled and enfeebled by applying the strictest rules in a criminal or administrative proceeding and resorting to applying litigation techniques and strategies when in her conscience she is convinced that she has this unblemished, untarnished reputation as a public officer accountable to the people and not to her conscience and to her “God”. #CJSereno impeachment crisis • MBO | MainbarOnline


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  1. I loved the Malcolm X quote. Thank you for educating me on this subject!

  2. Generoso Aquino

    If there’s one thing that a chief justice must remain in her position, she must have taken the road less traveled as a poem goes. An that road is accountability and dignity to dispense justice. I love this writer’s opinion, so stirring.

  3. Jerome Hernandez

    CJ must face the hearing of her impeachment case filed by Atty. Gadon to give herself an opportunity to clear her reputation from this blatant accusation.

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