Bloggers Guide: High and Low Bounce Rate Over SEO

The high and low bounce rate demonstrated in a graphical representation and how it was affected by SEO.

In general perspective, bounce rate is guided by SEO or search engine optimization acrobatics. It means that by using SEO effectively, bounce rate makes or breaks your primary goal why you are into online business—either for revenue purposes or for mere educational and recreational purposes.

What Qualifies Bloggers and Journalists

Bloggers and Journalists: What qualifies between them?

Bloggers and Journalists both use online platforms to advance their interest in staying the public informed. What really is their common ground? What qualifies bloggers and journalists? Despite how advanced the information technology today, how fast or instant the information dissemination has become, and how integrity, honor,…

Remembering Canada’s Famous Five

Remembering Canada's Famous Five

On August 27, 1927, five Albertan women petitioned the court to have it rule on the issue in the landmark case Edwards v A.G. of Canada. These five women who strongly challenged the Supreme Court of Canada are popularly known as the “Famous Five”, the “Valiant Five”, or the “Alberta Five”.

Why Confused Selling with Marketing

Marketing 101: What Differs Selling from Marketing?

Marketing is a comprehensive, in-depth processes from conceptualization to implementation and control. In contrast, selling is only one of those concepts of marketing.

Your Grammar on Facebook Posts Matters

Your English grammar on Facebook posts matters

Posting on Facebook is the language of our social behavior that defines the very core of our personal and professional correctness. Any errors or lapses in our English grammar through our posts on Facebook can painfully affect the profession we have, especially to teachers and freelance editors.

UP Remains PH Top University in World Ranking

UP remains PH top university in world ranking

Only three (3) Philippine universities made it to the QS World University Rankings® best 1,000 universities in the world! Find out who’s who.

4 Self-help Tips On Your Job Interview

4 Self-help Tips On Job Interview: A firm and warm shake hands may start your job interview good.

While drafting or outlining is part of your prep before your scheduled job interview, memorizing from your draft would either prompt you to sound like an expert and overconfident or let yourself open to being caught off-guard when faced with an unfamiliar question.

What the Doomsday Clock Tells Humanity

What the Doomsday Clock Tells Humanity

In 2016, the Doomsday Clock was set to three minutes to midnight. Close yet kinda far from the ticking nuclear war to start off. This year it is set so close to 00:00 (midnight)—the time of apocalypse! What the Doomsday clock has to say to the people?

Who Are the Illuminati? Debunking 2 Myths

The Illuminati symbol consists of a pyramid, the light, the all-seeing eye, and the eternal circle

For what is the value of your belief when it was, indeed, tainted with doubts? Is the very purpose of existence of your belief in God and Satan practically defining the very purpose of the workings of the Illuminati?

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