New Google SEO Guide Now Out! Must-Read Changes

The new Google SEO guide: Google changes SEO starter guide this 2017

The new Google SEO Guide: Google is also innovating to help us keep abreast by providing us new ways and tools to keep our website doing well in search engines and the performance across all devices.

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Why Consider More on Bounce Rate Over SEO

The high and low bounce rate demonstrated in a graphical representation and how it was affected by SEO.

In general perspective, bounce rate is guided by SEO or search engine optimization acrobatics. It means that by using SEO effectively, bounce rate makes or breaks your primary goal why you are into online business—either for revenue purposes or for mere educational and recreational purposes.

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Bloggers and Journalists: How Do They Differ?

Bloggers and Journalists: What qualifies between them?

Bloggers and Journalists: What is their common ground? What are the differences between a blogger and a journalist is?

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Basics of Book Publishing Process: A Guide for Authors and Publishers

Book Publishing Process: A basic guide for book publishers and authors

The book you are reading right now, be it in hardbound or in digital, undergoes a number of stages painstakingly threaded to its almost perfect author’s masterpiece.

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