Today’s History: Canada’s Famous Five on Women’s Rights

Remembering Canada's Famous Five on women's rights

On August 27, 1927, five Albertan women petitioned the court to have it rule on the issue in the landmark case Edwards v A.G. of Canada. These five women who strongly challenged the Supreme Court of Canada are popularly known as the “Famous Five”, the “Valiant Five”, or the “Alberta Five”.

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Kian’s Death: What’s Worth Looking Into?

Kian's death that is worth looking into

Kian’s death is an addition to extra-judicial killing or EJK trend in the Philippines that has earned so much of a publicity under Duterte administration. However monstrous the face of Duterte’s war on drugs for Filipinos and abroad audiences, Kian’s death amplifies the worsening fate of the Filipino youths on the drug problems in the country.

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