New Google SEO Guide Now Out! Must-Read Changes

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The new Google SEO Guide: A must-read changes for better search engine rankings

SEO Revolution: New Google SEO Guide

This new Google SEO Guide is what Google refers to their SEO Starter Guide and the Webmaster Academy resources that webmasters beginners and some SEO experts have been using for years as a reference for best practices to making websites do better on search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral role on how websites ranked in different search engines—Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Baidu, AOL Search, Ask, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha, Yandex, etc. For years, SEO and the way webmasters do this craft has never changed, until yesterday—December 12, 2017, when Google announced the “revamp” of the SEO starter guide. This top search engine has made changes in their earlier SEO Starter Guide to as we could call it, new Google SEO Guide.

This new release “Google SEO Guide” is an updated SEO starter guide to make websites more search-engine-friendly—as Google is hopeful to help us, webmasters, make our websites easier for the search engines to understand it, crawl, and index our website contents.

While there is also a correlational debate among SEO experts that search engine optimization is considerably affected by the bouncing rate, there are others who are considerably traditional to prefer unique, high-quality contents to bounce rate solution and SEO application.

However, in this age of information revolution where there are many websites as there could be even more information available on the Internet, Google is also innovating to help us keep abreast by providing us new ways and tools to keep our website doing well in search engines and the performance across all devices.

Google SEO Guide 2017

The Google’s updated SEO Starter Guide highlights the following best practices (This “new Google SEO Guide” is a must-read.):
• finding your contents easily
• crawling your web pages appropriately
• helping search engines understand your contents
• capitalizing on the appearance of your websites in Google search results
• utilizing h1, h2, h3, etc. on your site properly
• optimizing web contents, images, or graphics
• making your websites mobile-friendly

You may read the “new Google SEO Guide” by following the link provided above. If you have some proven practices or tips outside this new Google SEO starter guide, you can share it here with full attribution. • MBO: MainBarOnline


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