Bloggers Guide: High and Low Bounce Rate Over SEO

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Bloggers Guide: High and Low Bounce Rate Over SEO

Bounce Rate According to Google Support

Bounce rate according to Google is “a single-page session on your site. Don’t forget that it is a percentage of the session over your pages on your site. Simply as it is but this makes us, website owners, a pain in the ass. Revisiting a simple equation of blogging or maintaining a presence online and making us “Google friendly”, bounce rate management could be the first base to watch out for.

SEO geniuses and Google search visibility experts may go against with my prescription to look out first for bounce rate. Whatever could be their explanations and analytics parameters arguments, bounce rate could be a miss or a hit in the first place.

How Bounce Rate Be Dealt With

For newbies in blogging, bounce rate can be well understood by thinking about two things: blog’s home page appearance and blog’s content.

Let’s say you are promoting your blog on social media, the other side of your screen mostly think of the significance of what you are promoting. Others think of anything at random that either ignore your effort or just like it without even visiting it. The bottom line—appearance matters.

Say for example someone is visiting your website or blog either by chance or by search engine referral, you wouldn’t have to expect that all pages of your website are visited. Bounce rate steps in. It is the percentage of session or visit of all visitors on your webpage over your all web pages or your whole website regardless of how long a visitor stays or engages with your webpage. Whether you think it could affect your website overall health, bounce rate should be dealt with utmost priority.

Bounce Rate and SEO

In general perspective, bounce rate is guided by SEO or search engine optimization acrobatics. It means that by using SEO effectively, bounce rate makes or breaks your primary goal why you are into online business—either for extra income, boost revenue, or for mere educational and recreational purposes.

However, bounce rate doesn’t at all times dependent on effective SEO application. Through the booming industry of social media by means of promotion, your website can still encounter either high or low bounce rate regardless of SEO.

High and Low Bounce Rate

While others have different perspectives on both high and low bounce rates, there is no other safer way than maintaining it low. According to Google high bounce rate is either good or bad to your website.

If the success of your site depends on users viewing more than one page, then, yes, a high bounce rate is bad. For example, if your homepage is the gateway to the rest of your site (e.g., news articles, product pages, your checkout process) and a high percentage of users are viewing only your home page, then you don’t want a high bounce rate.

On the other hand, if you have a single-page site like a blog, or offer other types of content for which single-page sessions are expected, then a high bounce rate is perfectly normal (Emphasis is added.).

Well, most of us I would say, prefer low bounce rate to high bounce rate. While other sources have more than two strong arguments on the means in achieving low bounce rate, I suggest for only two aspects bloggers should seriously pay attention to—home page appearance including exciting features on it and quality contents with interesting internal links. As we define and understand bounce rate as the percentage of visitors who visit a page on our website, we wish that these visitors could stay or engage even longer when visiting other web pages on our website. By keeping it in check, we could be able to minimize or lower the percentage of visitors that might leave right away after visiting our website.

How about you, do you have some insights about high and low bounce rate and what might be the best way to lower it down? We can help each other by sharing it here.

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