Chief Justice Sereno Crisis 101: A Challenge to the Chief Justice to Tell the Truth

The Chief Justice Sereno Crisis 101: A Challenge to the Chief Justice to Tell the Truth

An honest, credible, and competent action doesn’t need a help from a delaying tactic nor from an obfuscatory argumentation. If the verified complaint filed by Atty. Lorenzo Gadon against Chief Justice Sereno is devoid of substantial evidentiary argument and outright empty, Chief Justice Sereno once and for all should appear before the Committee and submit all documents or would be evidence the Committee would likely ask for without ifs and buts or circumvention. Truth has no preference for any conditions at all. It is just as simple as that 5-letter word.

Is PH Ms. Universe 2017 Cramming for the Crown?

Is PH Ms. Universe 2017 cramming for the crown? Rachel Peters leaked gown appears just a publicity for the 66th Miss Universe 2017.

Ms. Universe today is getting very politics—from preparation to the coronation. All is vying for power, the crown, that effuses about not just an accomplishment but an extraordinary fulfillment of being a woman, to which others may call it conceit. The rest may unwillingly call it fancy.

CJ Sereno Impeachment: What’s So Special About CJ

CJ Sereno impeachment and her Sereno court: The Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is under siege. The House Committee on Justice finds her impeachment complaint substantial in grounds.

CJ Sereno, Impeachment, and Her Sereno Court: Chief Justice Maria Lourdes A. Sereno firmly believes that she, herself, is innocent of the nature of grounds for impeachment pressed on her. A classic response we already heard from A to G (from Accused to Guilty).

#ASEAN2017: Sass Sasot Confronts BBC Reporter, Improper?

#ASEAN2017 and Sass Rogando Sasot vs BBC reporter: What Makes Sass Sasot improper?

#ASEAN2017 and Sass Rogando Sasot vs BBC reporter: How could someone like Sass Rogando Sasot discriminate bloggers by calling as such just based on social media engagement and number of followers?

Duterte Propagandists, Why Feed the Public with Empty Retorts?

Duterte propagandists and fake news, why feed the public with empty retorts

Duterte Propagandists and Fake News Philippine presidents come and go, so this cliché goes; so are their hardcore propagandists. The hardest part of their job isn’t to keep up their president’s reputation attuned to the taste of the public or to secure the president’s policies…

Why Senate Likely Affirms P1,000 Budget for CHR

Why Senate Likely Affirms P1,000 Budget for CHR

Now that the House of Representatives has spoken and the composition of Senators is clear. Will Senate likely affirm P1,000 budget for CHR?

Chinese Triad-Paolo Duterte Exposé: Trillanes Scores Big League

Chinese Triad-Paolo Duterte Exposé: Trillanes Scores Big League

During the Senate hearing on ₱6.4-billion shabu shipment, Senator Trillanes started gaining a momentum in his Chinese Triad-Paolo Duterte exposé attempt. This attempt left the public and the Senate Hall hungry for a deeper investigation.

What’s Behind Kian’s Death Worth Looking Into

Kian's death that is worth looking into

Kian’s death is an addition to extra-judicial killing or EJK trend in the Philippines that has earned so much of a publicity under Duterte administration. However monstrous the face of Duterte’s war on drugs for Filipinos and abroad audiences, Kian’s death amplifies the worsening fate of the Filipino youths on the drug problems in the country.

America’s Help in Marawi Could Be a Decoy

America's help in Marawi could be a decoy

Appearing President Duterte as a castaway when he, himself, confirmed us about his innocence of the US technical assistance in Marawi, it wasn’t a simple role-playing that he was just left out naive in the scene without any violation of the chain of command on the part of the military. Was there really no violation after all despite making the Commander-in-Chief blind of the US effort? Wasn’t President Duterte double-crossed, was he? Or was he not just informed? Really?

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