DDS Blogger Sass Sasot Confronts BBC Reporter Improper?

#ASEAN2017: DDS Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot vs BBC reporter: What Makes Sass Sasot improper?

DDS Blogger Sass Sasot and BBC Reporter During #ASEAN2017: How could someone like Sass Rogando Sasot discriminate bloggers by calling as such just based on social media engagement and number of followers?

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Bloggers and Journalists: How Do They Differ?

Bloggers and Journalists: What qualifies between them?

Bloggers and Journalists: What is their common ground? What are the differences between a blogger and a journalist is?

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Worry About Your English Grammar on Facebook Posts?

Your English grammar on Facebook posts matters

Posting on Facebook is the language of our social behavior that defines the very core of our personal and professional correctness. Any errors or lapses in our English grammar through our posts on Facebook can painfully affect the profession we have, especially to teachers and freelance editors.

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Appointed Asec Mocha Uson—”Bright and Articulate” Says Pres. Duterte

Mocha Uson appointed as assistant secretary to the PCOO

When Mocha Uson had her regular column on a certain Philippine daily, the same critics went overboard lambasting Mocha up to their gratification to discredit her. As if Mocha Uson had nothing but her prowess in dancing and dirty talking. As if she had only one “good” thing, that is, being good at inventing and exaggerating news in favor to his god, President Duterte.

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Trillanes IV—the Senator You Can’t Afford to Miss His Mouth

Antonio Trillanes IV—the senator you can't afford to miss his mouth

Treason! according to Senator Miguel Zubiri during their tirade showdown in the honorable Philippine Senate hall. Insurrection! Rebellion! the Philippines pressed charge against him.

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