#MissUniverse2017: PH Leaked Gown—Lame Publicity?

#MissUniverse2017 PH Leaked Gown: Is Philippines' Miss Universe candidate leaked gown issue a lame publicity after all?

#MissUniverse2017 PH Leaked Gown: Is Philippines’ Miss Universe candidate leaked gown issue a lame publicity after all? Miss Universe today is getting very politics—from preparation to the coronation. All is vying for power, the crown, that effuses about not just an accomplishment but an extraordinary fulfillment of being a woman, to which others may call it conceit. The rest may unwillingly call it fancy.

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Why Confused Selling with Marketing

Marketing 101: What Differs Selling from Marketing?

Marketing is a comprehensive, in-depth processes from conceptualization to implementation and control. In contrast, selling is only one of those concepts of marketing.

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Look: These 4 Help Tips Define Your Job Interview

4 Self-help Tips On Job Interview: A firm and warm shake hands may start your job interview good.

While drafting or outlining is part of your prep before your scheduled job interview, memorizing from your draft would either prompt you to sound like an expert and overconfident or let yourself open to being caught off-guard when faced with an unfamiliar question.

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INSIGHTS: Apple’s iPhone Is Declining?

Apple's iPhone sales are predicted to decline for the coming years

iPhone has been steadily going stronger in units sold yearly until 2015 that it soared the highest to 231.22 million of units sold in that fiscal year alone.

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