#CJSereno Impeachment: What’s So Special About CJ?

CJ Sereno impeachment and her Sereno court: The Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is under siege. The House Committee on Justice finds her impeachment complaint substantial in grounds.

#CJSereno Impeachment and Her Sereno Court: Chief Justice Maria Lourdes A. Sereno firmly believes that she, herself, is innocent of the nature of grounds for impeachment pressed on her. A classic response we already heard from A to G (from Accused to Guilty).

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President Duterte Declares September 21 Nat’l Day of Protest

Philippine holidays: September 21 is declared national day of protest

Philippine holidays: September 21—day of protest. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declares September 21, 2017, a national day of protest.

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P1,000 CHR Budget: Senate May Apt to Approve It

Why Senate Likely Approves 1,000 CHR Budget

Now that the House of Representatives has spoken and the composition of Senators is clear. Will Senate likely approve 1,000 CHR budget?

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#MarawiSiege Maute Group Attack: America’s Help, a Decoy?

America's help in Marawi could be a decoy

Appearing President Duterte as a castaway when he, himself, confirmed us about his innocence of the US technical assistance in Marawi, it wasn’t a simple role-playing that he was just left out naive in the scene without any violation of the chain of command on the part of the military. Was there really no violation after all despite making the Commander-in-Chief blind of the US effort? Wasn’t President Duterte double-crossed, was he? Or was he not just informed? Really?

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Marawi Siege: A Strategy of Boring Narratives

Marawi siege a strategy of boring narratives

Nobody could find comfort under martial law. Nor could one find shelter under siege. But what really made President Duterte decide to put the city of Marawi and the rest of Mindanao under 60 days of martial law?

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China’s Threat to Philippines Doesn’t Make Sense

China's threat to Philippines doesn't make sense

For the Philippines to bring China’s threat before the United Nations is dragging the UN sphere of influence to a quagmire.

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Appointed Asec Mocha Uson—”Bright and Articulate” Says Pres. Duterte

Mocha Uson appointed as assistant secretary to the PCOO

When Mocha Uson had her regular column on a certain Philippine daily, the same critics went overboard lambasting Mocha up to their gratification to discredit her. As if Mocha Uson had nothing but her prowess in dancing and dirty talking. As if she had only one “good” thing, that is, being good at inventing and exaggerating news in favor to his god, President Duterte.

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Look: ICC Case Against President Duterte, Worth Investigating?

ICC case against President Duterte: Worth investigating?

Being a state party to the Rome Statute submitting our country to the jurisdiction of the ICC over the specific crimes, isn’t a license to or an outright avenue to let the ICC intervene the political dynamics and the workings of the state’s criminal justice system by contravening the laws of the state and by stretching the limits of the provisions of the Rome Statute.

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Duterte and Robredo Impeachment: Highly Likely?

President Duterte and VP Robredo: Highly Likely Be Convicted of Impeachment

Should an impeachment charges against her for a betrayal of trust, culpable violation of the Constitution, and treason is ready for the Senate trial, a guilty conviction would highly likely be rendered not only because of a number but also of the gravity and seriousness of evidence for the grounds for her impeachment.

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