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Privacy Policy and Use


Privacy Policy and Use

LAST UPDATED on October 6, 2017
mbo | mainbaronlineinsights. news. trends. It also dabbles in U.S. and Philippine politics, business, and professional content development solutions. Consistent with its objective to build credible, professional presence online while being committed to establishing a long-term business relationship with readers and clients, mbo provides a verifiable, timely, and factual information.

Definition of Terms
Author – the person who owns this website, writes, publishes contents therein, and the registrant and the main contact person of this website, On this website, the author is REGEL JAVINES.

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Editor – the person who conceptualizes, edits, fact-checks, and proofreads all the contents published on this website. On this website, the editor is REGEL JAVINES.

Proper attribution – any means of giving credit to the original author or source of any materials taken from and used, published, republished by any means to another any medium.

Graphics/images – any illustration or representation, photograph, painting, videos, graphical illustration, caricature, or images in any types and files.

Ads – third-party advertisements in articles, header, sidebar, footer, in-betweens, in-text, pop-ups, and sponsored videos.

Moderation – the process of screening, selecting, approving, or deleting any comment from the readers or visitors.

Inimical – describes not limited to the following: disrespect, harassment, bad words, or any description extremely unpleasant and disrespectful.

Cookie/CookiesMBO adheres the definition of cookie/cookies set by It defines a cookie as:

A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on an internet user’s hard drive. It is generated by a web page server, which is basically the computer that operates a website. The information the cookie contains is set by the server and it can be used by that server whenever the user visits the site. A cookie can be thought of as an internet user’s identification card, which tells a website when the user has returned. [emphasis added]

(To know more about the use of cookies and on how to change settings, please read here.)

Accountability and Responsibility on Contents

Contents published on MBO and views or opinions reflected therein are ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR/EDITOR unless otherwise expressed or specified.


MBO may contain contents provocative to readers’ or visitors’ way of thinking, views, or perspectives on a particular issue. The author/editor and this website deny any responsibility for being provocative and for readers or visitors being provoked by any contents published herein. Rather, this website and the author/editor hold responsible for attending only to constructive criticisms on views of any topic that it publishes as a way of promoting a healthy and unrestrained exchange of ideas and opinion.

While mbo promotes freedom of speech and opinion, it is a responsibility of mbo to safeguard, balance, and maintain a healthy exchange of ideas or opinion of all readers across the globe regardless of race, religion, gender, and beliefs without being harassed, disrespected, or bullied by readers or visitors alike. All comments are subject to moderation. MBO has the sole right to drop/delete or ignore outright any comment inimical to the website and to the readers or visitors in general.

Content Validity
It has always been the primary objective of MBO | MainBarOnline to publish information with accuracy, validity, relevance, and significance. It further aims at promoting responsible journalism, yet unrestrained—unrestrained views and opinion on issues being published.

Moreover, it holds its author and editor harmless and free from any guilt of inaccuracy, invalidity, and irrelevance of any information published that is cited from a source.

Information changes through times. Thus, should there be any circumstance that upon verification and fact-checking, the cited information published on this website is found different from the latest source itself, any correction is very much appreciated. Please use the Contact page for any concern.

Graphics or Images
MBO highly values to the highest term the sense of ownership and respect for intellectual and property rights. It always considers and practices proper attribution. However, should there would be an image or graphic that this website erroneously attributed or failed to provide proper attribution, please use the Contact page or email us at and provide details, actions, and bases of your ownership rights claim.

Content Use Policy
All contents that MBO publishes are copyrighted and protected by any applicable existing laws. Some graphics/images published herein are owned and copyrighted unless otherwise expressed.

Plagiarism is a crime. MBO allows the use or republication of any content of this website either in part or in whole, PROVIDED THERE MUST BE A WRITTEN REQUEST FOR THE USE OF CONTENTS AND MUST PROVIDE APPROPRIATE ATTRIBUTION. For a request for use, contact us through any of these following:

Advertisement or Ads Placement

MBO allows advertisements (“ads”). Thus, this site uses third-party cookies for analytics. Sponsored/prewritten posts or product review, affiliate linking, selling sponsored product, or catalog sponsored posting, or any form of advertisements so long as these ads do not promote violence, hatred, immorality or pornographic in nature or taste, racism or discrimination are accepted. For particulars, you may contact us through the following:

Cookies and Privacy

By using or visiting this website, you give mbo | mainbaronline and its third parties permission to use cookies to provide you a better and improved browsing or visiting experience. Although this website collects your information, we value your privacy in the highest term possible!

MBO allows advertisements mostly from Google. This third party uses cookies to collect information from the users, readers, or visitors of this website. MBO encourages readers or visitors to read more about Google’s Privacy Policy here.

Privacy Policies from Other Third Parties

Users, readers, or visitors of this website may also check these privacy policies from other third parties that mbo | mainbaronline allows them to integrate with the use of cookies on this website through their ads published herein:

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mbo | mainbaronline reserves the right to revise or modify this Privacy Policy, and Use anytime.

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