Trade Deficit: “I Don’t Blame China,” Says Pres. Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn't blame China for trade deficit. The picture shows China's Xi JinPing and his first lady and US Donald Trump and Melania during the visit in China for ASEAN 2017.

U.S. President Donald Trump Visits China: On a trade deficit between China and the United States, President Donald Trump doesn’t blame China for it. President Trump during his visit to China calls for a greater security cooperation and respect for the rule of law.

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U.S. Elections 2016: “Fake Accounts Link to Russian Ads Found” Facebook Reveals

Russia interferes U.S. elections

Russia interfered US elections Mark Zuckerberg speaks out. Russian interference in 2016 US elections made headlines when NSA, FBI, and CIA jointly concluded that Russia interfered US elections.

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INSIGHTS: Benham Rise, Scarborough; Revisiting PH Status Quo

Benham Rise and Scarborough Shoal Revisiting PH Status Quo

Benham Rise and Scarborough Shoal: The swarming interest of China in those considered Philippine waters or within territorial sovereignty, especially in the alleged exploration issue on Benham Rise (now, Philippine Rise), could be the best bet for the Philippines to play.

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Who Are the Illuminati? Debunking 2 Myths

The Illuminati symbol consists of a pyramid, the light, the all-seeing eye, and the eternal circle

For what is the value of your belief when it was, indeed, tainted with doubts? Is the very purpose of existence of your belief in God and Satan practically defining the very purpose of the workings of the Illuminati?

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China-Philippines Scarborough Shoal Dispute: History and Ego

Chinese defending Scarborough Shoal—"a piece of rock" during high tide.

Both the Philippines and China had signified their reservations pertaining to their territorial sovereignty upon ratifying UNCLOS. Then, what makes sense in bringing up the issue to the international tribunal and resolving it solely on UNCLOS provisions?

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