#CJSereno Impeachment: Justice Committee Grills Atty. Gadon

Atty. Gadon Accuses Chief Justice Sereno of Falsification

#CJSereno Impeachment: Atty. Gadon accuses Chief Justice Sereno of falsification. On the verified complaint Gadon alleges three (3) instances of falsification CJ committed.

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Senator Trillanes to File Libel Against Uson, Tulfo

Senator Trillanes to File Libel Case Against Uson, Tulfo, and Tesiorna.

Senator Trillanes files libel case against Uson, Tesiorna, and Tulfo for sharing #FakeNews to social media.

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Trillanes on Vice Mayor Duterte’s Tattoo: “Let the FBI Decodes It.”

Trillanes on Vice Mayor Duterte's Tattoo: "Let the FBI Decodes It."

The Chinese Triad-Paolo Duterte expose attempt had made Senator Trillanes the last man standing in the Philippine democracy. As he would continue becoming an “eyesore” in the Philippine Senate, truth always has its own way out.

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Kian’s Death: What’s Worth Looking Into?

Kian's death that is worth looking into

Kian’s death is an addition to extra-judicial killing or EJK trend in the Philippines that has earned so much of a publicity under Duterte administration. However monstrous the face of Duterte’s war on drugs for Filipinos and abroad audiences, Kian’s death amplifies the worsening fate of the Filipino youths on the drug problems in the country.

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SolGen Before SC: Mindanao Martial Law, a President’s Discretion

Mindanao Martial Law: A President Discretion

When SolGen Calida asserts the discretion of the President to declare martial law, does it follow that the Supreme Court has no means to ascertain the sufficiency of the factual basis of the declared martial law?

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#MindanaoMartialLaw: What Is the ‘Quantum of Evidence’?

quantum of evidence on #MindanaoMartialLaw

Sans the recommendation from the no less than DND, the President has no basis after all to declare martial law.

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April 28—No Work, No Pay: How Employees Are Paid?

2017 regular and special holidays: Special nonworking days pay rules apply according to DOLE advisory
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“No Mandatory Fees in Public Schools”—DepEd

Department of Education orders that no mandatory fees or contributions in all public schools

These voluntary contributions are not meant to be collected mandatory or as a requirement. However, some public schools circumvented this DepEd order by using the decision of the PTAs to oblige the parents to pay these voluntary contributions that failure to do so may lead to a withholding of pupils’ clearances and report cards.

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“Drop Charges Against De Lima”— Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch organization calls for a drop of charges against Senator Leila de Lima

Senator Leila De Lima has been “warning” the public these past days of her impending arrest following the drug-related charges. In her statement to the press, Senator De Lima apparently disparaged the charges pressed on her by looking at it as politically maneuvered due to her being a staunch critic of Duterte administration.

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