Is PH Ms. Universe 2017 Cramming for the Crown?


Is PH Ms. Universe 2017 cramming for the crown? Rachel Peters leaked gown appears just a publicity for the 66th Miss Universe 2017.

PH Ms. Universe 2017 Leaked Gown Brouhaha: A Lame Publicity?

Beauty, brains, aplomb or poise, and an X-factor could fare a candidate well to getting a crown. That was so yesterday. Miss Universe pageant has been kept on advancing—how the candidates prepare for it, the format it showcases, and how it becomes interactive. Will PH Ms. Universe 2017 make it?

Miss Universe today is getting very politics—from preparation to the coronation. All is vying for power, the crown, that effuses about not just an accomplishment but an extraordinary fulfillment of being a woman, to which others may call it conceit. The rest may unwillingly call it fancy.

How much politics that involved in Miss Universe nowadays is evident in how it becomes interactive that people with a common denominator in a particular area or outside can play a complex, yet simple participation by means of voting.

Getting the most desired crown of Miss Universe today is like winning the three-fourths of the world, where the quarter of it is the race to publicity. Woe for those candidates who have PRs but don’t innovate; without PRs and just rely on charisma. But what a hallelujah ensemble for those who prepared more than a half of an expectation, with PRs equated to an electioneering orchestra campaigning in all nooks of opportunities all out.

All cards must not be shown on the table—Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. An “element of surprise” must not be underestimated, there goes a military strategy perhaps applied in Marawi. But who would have thought that these strategies are all passe, past their prime?

As desperate as it might be, if all candidates appear so well-prepared, so confident from hairlines to stilettos, with brains bigger than you have expected, and all have factors of X like daggers in one’s eyes, then you feel like cramming for a final test before a coronation night. At this very short time, you might have to make a publicity at its finest—either being duped, used, bullied, or fancied and self-proclaimed as the-star-that-shined-so-bright during prelims. Pathetic.

While most candidates in Miss Universe 2017 appear confidently competitive in their own respects, was PH Ms. Universe 2017 candidate Rachel Peters leaked final gown brouhaha a lame publicity? How about the rest of the candidates? What lame publicities do they have? Watch the pageant night of the 66th Miss Universe 2017 on November 26, 2017, live on Fox.

May we know your opinion?

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