Why Philippines’ Abstention from the UN Vote the Worst Move?

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Philippines' abstention from the UN vote is a manifestation of a weak and a great pretender.
The United Nations General Assembly on December 21, 2017, voting for the nonbinding resolution calling on member states to refrain from moving their embassies to Jerusalem. The votes are 128-9 in favor of the resolution, 35 member states abstain, including the Philippines. (Image: from UN.org)

When the Philippines’ Abstention from the UN Vote Means Incompetence

December 21, 2017, the day that President Donald Trump’s United States was even more than embarrassed and humiliated.

The 128 United Nations members approved a resolution that calls on countries to refrain from moving their embassies to Jerusalem. With only nine votes, including the United States, and 35 abstentions in the voting against the nonbinding resolution, the United States was left disrespected and disregarded in spite of being the world’s largest provider of financial contributions to the United Nations with over $1 billion or over 20% of the United Nations 2016-2017 budget (The New York Times, 2017).

The Philippines abstained, making that worst move ever that Duterte administration has made amid its independent foreign policy “propaganda”.

This Philippines’ abstention from the UN vote thrusts a jolt of the rules of conduct of the Philippines in the international arena.

Would China and Russia Consider the Philippines a Double-talk?

China and Russia were among the 128 United Nations member states that stood against the United States move to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. With the Philippines’ abstention from the said vote, this only affirms how die-hard a puppet at that is the Philippines to the United States.

In the past, President Rodrigo Duterte showed an extraordinary support and positive relations with China and Russia. His administration has appeared as boastful as an assertion that PH would otherwise implement an independent foreign policy. Yet, President Duterte has shown unreliability and irresponsibility with regards to the West Philippine Sea issues by letting China play their own rules despite the favorable decision of The Hague on South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) row.

The Philippines’ abstention from the UN vote not only does it assert the very historic relationship with the United States but also shows the lack of independence on the matter of principles, clarity in looking at things in a global perspective, and loyalty to both any particular internal and external policies. By putting it this way, the Philippines’ decision to abstain is but immaturity and incompetence.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government made clear that moving its embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, despite abstaining from the UN General Assembly vote, has accordingly not yet become a subject of discussion. With that said, the Philippines appears too much of an incompetence and cowardice to stand by what is reasonably right in all thy name thy kingdom come perspectives.

Abstention is more likely an incompetence and distrust. It is something that has lack of sufficient knowledge over the things at hand and thus prefers to side in the middle like a first grader. The Philippines’ abstention from the UN vote can be a manifestation of a weak great pretender. This could be the worst move in such a time that the Philippines badly needs a loyal friend in the international community. There could only be two clear sides of the coin—the head and the tail. With the Philippines’ abstention, it only leads the country to a limbo of nowhere from here on. • MBO: MainBarOnline

(Featured image: from UN.org)


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