BREAKING: Donald Trump Doesn’t Blame China for Trade Deficit

Donald Trump doesn't blame China for trade deficit. The picture shows China's Xi JinPing and his first lady and US Donald Trump and Melania during the visit in China for ASEAN 2017.

Donald Trump calls for a greater security cooperation and respect for the rule of law as major keys for even greater peace and prosperity. He also addressed to continue improving business deals and strategies between China and US.

Look: April 28 Is No Work, No Pay!

As the Philippines hosted the 30th #ASEANSummit from April 26–30, President Rodrigo Duterte declared April 28, 2017, a special (nonworking) day in Metro Manila (NCR). The Department of Labor and Employment, pursuant to the president’s proclamation (Proclamation 197), released its advisory on pay rules that…

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